Home security systems don’t just protect your home and family from intruders, they can also save your pet’s life in case of a fire.

Lifesaver for Pets

Imagine if a fire starts in your house and you’re not home. Your neighbors don’t realize the fire has started because it is contained within the house.

If you have a monitored security system with smoke detector, the fire department was dispatched as soon as your smoke detector went off – giving your pets the best chance of survival. Smoke detector monitoring is included in the Basic Interactive Security package, you will just have to pay for the upgraded smoke detector – a cost of less than $100.

A typical smoke detector only makes noise and Veternary News Network (VNN) says the loud noise of smoke detectors often scares pets and sends them into hiding, making rescue more difficult. Annually more than 500,000 pets die in house fires.

Carbon monoxide is also a threat to pets, and like smoke detector monitoring, is included in your monthly fee. You just need to spend an extra $100 for the carbon monoxide monitor.

Preventing False Alarms

QEI Security & Technology technicians know how to install your system so your pets are less likely to trigger the alarm. They’ll spend time talking with you about your pet’s habits to find a location for the motion detector that makes sense for your home.

Plus, advanced technology has made motion detectors very pet-friendly. Your motion detector will be chosen based on your pet’s weight to help eliminate false alarms. So, if you add an animal to your house, make sure to let your security company know so they can determine if a different motion detector is needed.