Take a break from packing and do these four free things to keep your home safe while you’re away.

1. Have a plan for keeping an eye on your house.

Vacation Stat 1Can you believe 45 percent* of homeowners don’t check on their home when they’re on vacation?!

That’s just not smart.

Ask a neighbor or family member to walk through your house every few days (if they bring the mail in and take the trash out, that’s an extra bonus!).

If you have a security camera, you can check in on your home yourself. QEI Security & Technology customers can use their smartphone to ensure their doors are locked, watch video and randomly turn lights on and off to give the appearance someone is there.

2. Tell your family and friends not to mention your trip on social media.

YOU know not to post from your vacation destination, but make sure your friends and family know as well. It’s easy for them to forget and post a picture of your dog (that they’re watching) or for a co-worker to comment how much she misses you.

If you (or they) do post about your trip, make sure to casually mention your armed security system.

3. Make sure you have enough data left on your plan.

It’s pretty much a fact. You’ll use more cellular data on vacation – you’re looking up directions, places to eat and playing games to pass the time in the airport.

If you’re planning to use your Alarm.com app to check in on your home while you’re away, you’ll need that data plan, so make sure you have enough.

4. Make sure all components of your alarm system are working.

Your alarm system only protects your home if it is working. If you have a “low battery” signal but have been putting off getting the battery, now is the time to replace it! If the signal comes on while you’re on vacation, your system will typically still work for at least two weeks.

It is also good to check your doors and windows to ensure they are properly locked (your window/door contacts and motion detector will send a signal to the control panel if the battery is low).

*according to a Piper by iControl survey