Wireless home security cameras are the top trend in home security systems. Interior cameras enable you to check on your home or kids while you’re away and exterior surveillance cameras help police catch vandals or thieves.

If you’re considering a security cameras, these the top recommendations of QEI Security & Technology experts:

1. Interior/Exterior Front Door

34 percent of burglars enter through the front door and you have a choice of camera placement. An interior wireless security camera is half the price of an exterior security camera and you’ll be able to see anyone who comes inside, but an exterior camera will enable you to see who is at the door before you open it.

2. Interior/Exterior Back Door

Back door is the second most common way burglars enter a home and you have the same options as the front door using either an interior or exterior camera.

3. Exterior Driveway

Placing a camera on the corner of your house will enable you to see the driveway and other areas in the front of your home. This camera placement is the best way to deter burglars because it is so visible. It also helps prevent car break-ins or vandalism… and helps police catch the thieves if it does happen.

TIP: Use one exterior camera to see both the front door and driveway (some homes may require two to provide the desired coverage).

4. Exterior Off-Street Windows

A rear window is another common entry point for burglars. If you’re considering a fake camera to lower your cost and deter thieves, this is the best place to use it.

5. Exterior Back Gate/Backyard

Burglars love a backyard because they’re often filled with lawn equipment and expensive recreational items. Plus they’re hidden from the street. An extra benefit of this camera placement is that in case of an accident, you can see what happened (especially helpful if you have a pool or trampoline).

TIP: Use one wireless exterior camera to see both the back door and most of the yard or gate (some homes may require two to provide the desired coverage).