A fire/smoke alarm that does not alert emergency services is limited in the safety it can provide.

Here are three reasons you need monitored smoke detectors:

1. Monitored smoke detectors call 911.

Think about your pets, your kids and your neighbors. All could be harmed if your home catches fire.

A regular 120-volt smoke detector makes noise, but if no one is home to hear it, think of the damage that could be done before someone outside your home sees smoke and calls 911. A smoke detector connected to your monitored security system will notify the monitoring center as soon as smoke is detected. Read more about how it can save pet’s lives.

2. Notification during loss of power.

With a 120-volt smoke detector, if the power goes out, it will only last as long as the battery that you have installed in it. With a monitored smoke detector, a signal will be sent to our monitoring station if the detector loses power or is running on the back-up battery.

3. Reliability.

The monitored smoke detector is connected to your wireless alarm system, which operates on a dedicated cellular signal. That means you are not depending on a wireless internet network to alert you to danger in your home. As Alarm.com explains, not all “smart” smoke detectors are smart.