It’s officially the holiday season and you have a million things on your mind.

At some point, you’ve probably wondered… did I close the garage door this morning?

On your way to Grandma’s house (five hours away, of course) you hear on the radio that burglaries spike at the holidays. The house and pets are probably fine, but wouldn’t it be nice to check… right now?

That’s why you need a smart home for the holidays.

1. You can check your security camera remotely on the free app.

Seeing is believing. If you’re traveling during the holidays, you can view your interior camera’s video from your smartphone or tablet just to make sure everything looks as it should in your home. You can even set it to send you video every time motion is detected. Learn more about video solutions.

2. Know when the pet sitter comes.

Do you have a pet sitter or neighbor watching the pets? Get a text when the door opens and closes so you know when they came (and use your camera to make sure they aren’t snooping!).

This service is absolutely free with every QEI Security & Technology wireless security system.

3. Get a reminder that you forgot to close the garage door.

You can program the system to text you when your phone goes a mile from your home and the garage door is still open. You can close the garage door right from the free app.

4. Make it look like someone is home.

Lighting control allows you to control a lamp or light fixture remotely. Usage is tracked with the free QEI Security & Technology app, so you can set it to “away” and the lights will automatically turn on when you’d normally have them on, making it look like someone is home. Lighting control is the LEAST expensive and most impactful smart home device.

5. Protect your home.

It’s a fact, burglaries increase during the holiday season. Not just home burglaries, but car break-ins as well. A home security system just makes sense, especially with all the additional features listed above.