Security cameras are officially trending. At least one camera is included in the majority of QEI Security & Technology systems sold.

Why Get Security Cameras?

Security cameras have two main selling points: peace of mind and crime prevention.

Many parents want a security camera so they know when their child has come home from school or a friend’s house – and to be sure he/she is alone. Cameras can effectively be positioned either inside or outside the front door and you can have a video clip (or still image) texted to you any time motion is detected.

From a crime prevention standpoint, burglars are dramatically less likely to target a home with visible cameras. Plus, more and more police are using home security cameras as a way to identify criminals. This can help deter vandalism and car theft as well.

What to Look For

You definitely want an HD camera with the capability to record video and watch live.

You also definitely want a camera that is secure. Learn more about the security of QEI Security & Technology cameras.

You’ll need to decide whether you want an interior security camera or an exterior camera. Interior cameras are about half the cost and offer the opportunity to see who is entering and exiting your home. Exterior cameras require a strong wireless signal from your home OR you’ll need to pay more for a camera with it’s own wireless technology. Remember, an exterior camera will act as a deterrent for burglars.

Any cameras connected to a QEI Security & Technology system allow you to access all your devices through one app – and the devices can work together – an advantage you lose if you buy the devices separately.