Of course your QEI Security & Technology security system is protecting your home and family from holiday theft, but did you know it can also can help you put the ho, ho, ho in the holidays?

If you have a wireless security system with our free smartphone app, here are three fun ways to use your system during the holidays:

1. Know when Santa comes.

If Santa is arriving through the front or back door, login to your alarm.com account on a computer and create a new user code with the name “Santa” and activate push notifications to your phone for this user code. Late on Christmas Eve, use Santa’s user code to disarm the system. The notification on your phone will say “Santa disarmed system.” Make sure you show the kids!

If Santa will be arriving through the chimney, login to your alarm.com account on a computer and change the name of one of your window/door contacts to “chimney.” Make sure push notifications are activated for your phone. Late on Christmas Eve, open the window/door that you changed to “chimney.” The notification on your phone will say “Chimney opened at 12:00 a.m.” Make sure you show the kids!

There is no additional cost – this can be done with a basic system.

2. Is your family peeking?

Put a contact sensor on the closet where you hide gifts, then set your security system to send a notification every time the door opens. Your little snoopers will be caught red-handed!

An additional contact sensor is $50.

3. Don’t forget the holiday lights!

We’ve all done it. Come home from work to realize the holiday lights were still on from the night before. Not any more!

Use a lamp module and set your lights to automatically turn on and off at specified times – or at dusk and dawn. Then your lights will be on even if you’re out of town.

Lighting control starts at $65.