Most purchases you make are focused on the here and now. But, when it comes to home technology, your best bet is to always buy with the future in mind. This goes for the $100 security camera you’re considering or the $20,000 whole-home control system.

Smaller Scale

It’s pretty enticing to buy just a single standalone smart home device like a camera or smoke detector. But, they can become out of date quickly, requiring regular replacement in order to have the latest technology.

Plus, if you decide to add additional smart home products in the future, it is unlikely your standalone products will work together. You may end up with five different apps on your phone, or worse, having to replace your existing equipment because it works on the same frequency as your new equipment.

If there is any chance you will add additional smart home products in the future, you should consider that before you make your initial purchase.

With a QEI Security & Technology smart home system, all devices are professionally installed and can be controlled through one app, our TEQHoM interactive system powered by New features and updates are released digitally and automatically applied to your existing devices, meaning that your technology stays up-to-date for far longer after you buy it. Plus, you can add devices at any time and they will be professionally installed and connected to your existing app.

Larger Scale

When you’re building a new home, keeping the future in mind is critical. Think about the home technology of your dreams and plan accordingly.

What does that mean? If it is even a possibility that you would want to mount an HDTV on the wall in your guest bedroom, wire for it now. It will cost hundreds now, compared to thousands after you’ve moved in. Same for any audio, lighting, etc.

When you talk with a home technology provider, like QEI Security & Technology, let the technician know everything you have in mind so he/she can make the best recommendation for you to expand your system in the future.

All QEI Security & Technology systems are expandable, so it is simple to start with one or two devices and grow at your own pace.