One of the most common questions we answer is “are my security cameras secure?”

If you have a QEI Security & Technology system, the short answer is YES.

Before we give you the long answer, please note that all of our customers using wireless interactive security systems receive identity protection standard, along with full identity theft restoration. Contact us to learn more.

Here’s the long answer to “are my security cameras secure?”

1. Password protected.

The cameras installed by QEI Security & Technology are powered by and use password protection to prevent access from outside the interface.

Your account, accessible via smartphone, tablet and computer, is also password protected. We recommend making your password as long as you can, while still being able to remember it. accounts use the same encryption as banks. Plus, the cameras employ advanced MD5-based “digest authentication” for user authentication.

2. User-only access.

Your video is only accessible only to those to whom you assign a unique login and password, each with its own permissions which you also assign and control. The more sophisticated the password that is created, the more secure the account is.

QEI Security & Technology does not have your password and therefore cannot see video live or recorded by cameras in your home., the maker of the cameras, stores passwords separately from other account information so it is not possible for employees to view your live or recorded video.

The account owner can see all cameras associated with the account and can assign permission for which cameras each user can access.

3. Off-site storage.

All your video footage is stored off-site. If someone hacks into your camera (highly unlikely) or breaks into your home, they will not be able to access any of your video clips.