At QEI Security & Technology, we believe confidence is everything. And confidence is knowing that your home is safe while you’re enjoying spring break. Here are five reasons to install a security system before spring break:

1. Check your security camera remotely on the free app.

Seeing is believing. If you’re traveling, you can watch live or view recorded clips from your smartphone or tablet just to make sure everything looks as it should in your home. You can even set it to text you a video clip every time motion is detected.

2. Know when the pet sitter comes.

Do you have a pet sitter or neighbor watching the pets? Get a text when the door opens and closes so you know when they came and how long they stayed. Plus, use your camera to make sure they aren’t snooping!

This service is absolutely free with every QEI Security & Technology wireless security system.

3. Double check to make sure lights are off and doors are closed.

Geo-services is a free feature of QEI Security’s smartphone app. You can create a “fence” around your neighborhood and receive a notification if your security system is not armed when you leave the fence.

Plus, if you have a smart thermostat, you can program it to automatically adjust to save energy while you’re gone. If you have lighting control, you can program your lights to automatically turn off… and have your lights and thermostat adjust when you’re returning home.

Are you flying? Set a “fence” around the airport, so this happens every time you travel.

4. Make it look like someone is home.

With lighting control through QEI Security & Technology, usage is tracked with the free app, so you can set your system randomly turn lights on and off within a 45-minute period, so a burglar watching the house can’t learn your schedule (think “Home Alone”).

5. Protect your home.

It’s a fact, burglaries increase in warmer weather. It would be a shame to come home from an amazing spring break and have to deal with the aftermath of a break-in (the average cost of a break-in is $2,000 – yikes!).