As the temperature rises, so does the number of door-to-door security sales people and scammers.

National security companies are predicting a record year of door-knocking deception.

“We want our customers to know that we will never show up at their door without an appointment,” says QEI Security & Technology President Chad Sanders. “We encourage anyone who is concerned about contact they have had with a QEI representative to immediately call our main office at 1-844-734-7233.”

Scammers may target current customers who have a QEI yard sign in their home by pretending to be from the company and asking to check or install a part at the panel. Another security scam is to say your contract is up and offer you a lower rate to resign. Do not fall for this – then you’ll be liable for paying out BOTH contracts!

Avoiding the Security Scam

1. Ask for identification.

All QEI Security & Technology technicians have company-issued identification badges. Please always ask to see the technician’s ID before letting him/her into your home.

All QEI Security & Technology technicians will have on a shirt with the QEI logo and will be driving a truck marked with the QEI logo.

If a security representative arrives at your house without these items, please do not let him/her in without calling the main office.

2. Ask who will be coming to your home.

When you schedule a service or sales call, ask who will be coming to your home. We have photos and biographies on all of our employees and would be happy to send you that information so you know who to expect at your door.

3. Follow the BBB’s guidelines.

The Better Business Bureau receives hundreds of complaints about home security companies every year (QEI Security & Technology has an A rating). Read these tips, which include not paying with cash and not falling victim to reports of increased burglaries in your area.