If your kids are home alone during the summer while you’re working, you might be stressing yourself out thinking of all the things that can go wrong. Home automation can save you some of that worry.

All of the home automation items below can be achieved using your QEI Security & Technology wireless security system.

Here are 7 ways a home automation system can reduce summer stress for parents:

Set a Schedule

Schedule lights and music to turn on at a specific time every day to help get your kids moving. A home automation system can help kids stick to a routine, especially if parents work odd hours and aren’t around to remind about bedtime.

Know What’s Going on at Home

Free with every QEI Security & Technology wireless security system, you can receive text alerts every time a door is opened or closed. That will help you to know what your kids are up to. Plus, each child can have their own code for the security system so you know exactly who is coming and going.

Add a programmable door lock to ensure your home is always locked, but your child is not locked out.

See What’s Going on at Home

By installing security cameras around the house, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your kids 24/7. With real-time video monitoring, you can check if the kids left home with friends (or brought friends into the house) or if they have left in time for baseball practice.

Increase Safety

Receive text notifications when kids enter potentially dangerous locations like the swimming pool. If kids accidentally play with gas knobs or fire, integrating monitored carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the home can safely prevent mishaps.

Keep Kids Away from Medicines and Poisonous Substances

Install a door sensor on your medicine, cleaning and liquor cabinets. You can automatically receive a text message when the contact is opened. Medicines and chemicals pose a risk even if you keep them in cupboards and drawers and instruct kids to keep away from them.

See Who’s at the Door

You may have told your kids countless times not to open the door to strangers, but you probably still worry about them. A doorbell camera or exterior camera can give you a view of the door so you can see who is there at the same time as your kids. With a doorbell camera, you can even talk with the person on the doorstep, so he/she will never know you aren’t actually in the home.

Save Energy

Kids generally don’t understand the importance of saving energy, so they leave fans, lights, and appliances on for longer than required. Using a home automation system, you can set the lights to turn off when the security system is armed away (indicating no one is inside). Or you can use a water sensor to ensure the kids didn’t leave the water on after using the slip ‘n’ slide.