As you start researching smart home products, you’ll quickly realize there is one main decision to make: Do you DIY with standalone devices or hire a professional to install connected devices?

This summer conducted a survey of U.S. homeowners and the results are pretty overwhelming.

  • 91% of homeowners expect that different devices in the home should work together automatically.
  • 83% of homeowners would rely on professional help; home security providers are the most preferred channel.

As notes, “Standalone devices have generated huge interest and excitement for smart home technology, but they’re confusing to evaluate, hard to install and even harder to connect into a broader solution.”

What does that mean? Most people assume that if you’re buying a video camera and a smart thermostat, the two products would work together. But, most of the time, that isn’t the case. They operate using completely different smarthphone apps, maybe even using different technology, which means they will never be connected.

That explains why 59 percent of the survey respondents report being confused by the number of different smart home products on the market. It also explains why 79 percent of people say smart security products are best left up to professionals.

QEI Security & Technology is able to install a smart home system that controls many devices from one app on the phone. Plus, these devices can trigger actions amongst themselves. For example, when your door is locked, your security system can automatically be armed. Or when your garage door opens, your foyer light automatically turns on.

That’s how you expect a smart home to operate, right?

Another fun fact from the survey is the smart home owners are most likely to have kids. So do kids make you smarter?