Confidence is having information about your home during a weather emergency.

With a QEI Security & Technology wireless security system, you have access to the information you need about your home – whether it is during a power outage or a more serious weather emergency.

According to a 2016 survey, information and control in an emergency is more valuable to homeowners than any other feature of a security system.

  • 82 percent of homeowners want a security system that can signal for help even if the home’s power is out or Internet is down.
  • 78 percent want an app that notifies them when something is wrong and enables control of the system from anywhere.
  • 81 percent say that professional monitoring with the ability to dispatch emergency services is very important.

Because QEI Security & Technology wireless systems are on a dedicated cellular connection with a back-up battery, your security system will work for hours without power. And you will get notifications on your smartphone letting you know when the battery is low. As long as your system has power, it is communicating with our TMA 5 Diamond monitoring center.

Plus, with the QEI’s smartphone app, you can be notified every time the power goes out at your home – and when it is restored. This feature enables you to know if the temperature in your home is ok for pets… and whether you’ll need to throw away spoiled food (frozen food can last up to 48 hours in a freezer).

Also using your smartphone app, you can react quickly your the alarm is set off or a door or window is unexpectedly opened. It’s this information that gives you the confidence to live your life without worrying about your home.