There are tons of statistics about home burglaries, but the bottom line is that your home is as safe as you make it. Obviously, having a home security system is a huge deterrent to burglars, but don’t stop there.

Here are seven home security tips that anyone can implement fairly easily.

  1. Plan to “burglarize” yourself. You’ll find any weaknesses in your security system that you may not have noticed.
  2. Install a peephole in the door separating the house from the garage. If you hear suspicious sounds, you can check without opening the door (TIP: use a wide-angle160-degree peephole).
  3. Don’t leave notes for on the door – that is an announcement that you aren’t home.
  4. A door with too much space between the door and the frame is an invitation for the burglar to use a jimmy.
  5. On all your exterior doors, install a heavy-duty strike plate with 3” screws. That will make it much harder for a burglar to break in through your doors.
  6. Don’t give burglars a place to hide – keep your bushes trimmed.
  7. A dark house is an invitation for a burglar. Leave your front porch light on in the evening, or install a motion-sensor light.