Security cameras are the most popular addition to a QEI Security & Technology system.

During Hurricane Matthew security cameras proved to be invaluable for families who evacuated. A widely publicized evacuation can be a field day for thieves to run wild in deserted neighborhoods.

But, during Hurricane Matthew, dozens of looters were caught red-handed by security cameras as they rummaged in the homes and garages of evacuees.

The photo on the left is a looter who took a bike from a garage in Mt. Pleasant. The photo on the right is a looter who stole unidentified objects from a North Charleston home. Both images were caught on security camera, enabling them to be shared via news media, social media, and with the police.

Ready for a security camera?

There are two basic types of video camera systems – a standalone device and a true security camera that is part of a professionally-monitored security system.

A standalone device that records video may be less expensive, but it requires a separate app, is triggered by a single motion detector on the device and does not include professional monitoring.

A security camera tied into a professionally-monitored security system has many advantages. Video can be triggered by motion on any one of the motion detectors placed throughout your home. What if your standalone camera is in the foyer and a thief enters through the garage? You won’t know until the thief walks into the range of the device’s motion detector.

Plus, a QEI Security & Technology security camera can also be triggered by any alarm event – if the alarm is tripped, if the system is armed or disarmed, etc. There are many more opportunities to catch people on video – whether it is your cat doing silly things… or a burglar.

In addition to capturing video for you and police to review, with a professionally-monitored system, the authorities are automatically called when the security system is triggered – by a burglar opening a door, window or breaking glass.

Through October 31, 2016, QEI Security & Technology is offering a free indoor security camera with security system – no upfront costs. You will pay $49.99/mo. for monitoring.