QEI Security & Technology is introducing a bold new look that will be seen throughout South Carolina beginning August 1, 2017.

“We stay on the cutting edge of home security and technology and we wanted our logo to be more modern and reflect our leadership in this evolving field. But rest assured, we’ll always be the same dependable company that has kept South Carolina safe for years,” explains Chad Sanders, QEI president.

With the refresh, primary elements of the current mark were retained but modernized, building on the existing red and white color palette. The switch to a shield shape will be a distinguishing factor for QEI, since hundreds of security companies use the stop sign shape. Plus, a shield offers protection vs. a stop sign for burglars.

All QEI Security & Technology customers will receive new, higher-quality UV-protected yard signs and window decals with the new logo. Within the next few weeks, you will see the new logo on all QEI brochures, company trucks and uniforms.

If you are a QEI Security customer and you would prefer to receive the yard sign and decals in the mail and replace yourself, please send us an email. Otherwise, we will replace your yard sign for you within 90 days.

All billing and contact information will remain the same. You can reach South Carolina-based QEI employees by calling 1-844-734-7233. All QEI customers are protected by a 24/7 5-diamond rated monitoring center.

QEI Security & Technology has offices in Charleston (headquarters), Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Bluffton and Greenville. We have been protecting South Carolina residents for 10 years and we plan to continue for hundreds more!