Don’t be a victim to security scams!

It is simple for someone to call or visit your home pretending to be a QEI Security representative as a way to gain personal information.

If you receive a phone call from someone saying they represent QEI Security & Technology, here are two ways to verify if that is true:

1. Verify your passcode

Every security system has a passcode that the monitoring center uses to verify identity. The only people who know that passcode are you, the monitoring station and a true QEI Security & Technology staff member. You can ask the caller to verify your passcode either by having the caller offer the correct passcode or you can offer an incorrect passcode to see if the caller realizes the code you’ve given is incorrect. As a second layer of security, if you know your QEI Security account number, you could also ask for verification on that. Again, only you, the monitoring station and a true QEI Security & Technology employee would know the account number.

2. Tell the caller that you will call back

After telling the caller that you will call back, please call QEI Security & Technology at 1-844-734-7233 and confirm that it was someone from our office you were speaking with. To be absolutely sure, you can also have our staff verify your passcode and/or account number.

Phone Scams

In the reports that we have received from customers, the caller is asking for a new credit card number. There are circumstances where a QEI Security & Technology staff member or a Security Central staff member may call you and ask you to update your credit card and/or banking account information if your monthly payment has been declined. However, your comfort and security are very important to us, so we are always happy to walk through a verification process with you. We can also provide alternative ways of collecting that information from you to ensure that you are completely comfortable.

Door-to-Door Scams

QEI Security & Technology will also never show up at your door without an appointment. Many scam artists also use this tactic to try and get your personal information or to sign you to an additional contract with their company.

Read more about how to avoid door-to-door scams.

As we roll out the new logo, we will be distributing new yard signs to existing customers. When we swap out your yard sign, we will NOT ask for personal information. If you are interested in additional products or new technology, we are happy to answer any questions you have, but if you do not feel comfortable at any point, please call QEI Security & Technology at 1-844-734-7233 to verify you are speaking with one of our staff members.