Today’s home buyers don’t just want smart home technology, they expect it.

“If a buyer under 35 walks into a home without a smart thermostat they’re walking out,” says Jim Hibbs, sales associate with Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group in Des Moises, Iowa.  “If a home doesn’t have smart upgrades you’re really limiting the prospective buyer pool. Smart Home tech also makes the whole home feel updated.” (quote pulled from

A smart thermostat is even smarter when it is connected to a home automation system that links all devices via one smartphone app. A wireless home security system (like one from QEI Security & Technology) is a great foundation – and it makes true home control affordable.

Add lighting control, programmable door locks, a garage door controller and more to create a system that works together. Set your thermostat to adjust when the garage door has been open more than an hour. Get a notification letting you know that you left the home and forgot to lock the door.

According to Consumer Reports, smart home features can boost your home’s resale value by up to 5%—that’s $15,000 on a $300,000 home. Plus, reports that home appraisers are beginning to factor in the value of tech features. Read more on

As Realtor Jim Hibbs said, smart thermostats offer the biggest impact because of the cost savings. Lighting control is another great option because it is the lowest cost smart home device. Set a “demo scene” so that realtors can easily show the functionality of the system.

The 2017 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Smart Home Marketplace Survey revealed 71% of Americans said they wanted a move-in ready home and nearly half of that group said a property needed smart home tech to be considered move-in ready. Homes designated as a smart homes on are receiving two times more conversions than similar non-smart home properties. Nearly 40% of agents surveyed agree that smart home tech helps a home sell faster – in cities or suburbs, and regardless of list price.

Whether you just want to upgrade your current home or are considering putting your home on the market… when it comes to a home automation system, what are you waiting for?