Wouldn’t it be great if you knew every time you left the house… and the garage door was still open? It would be even better if you could close it from wherever you are, right?

That is possible with a QEI Security & Technology security system!

Geo-services is included at no charge with all QEI wireless security systems and is an opt-in feature that is easy to turn on and off. The location-based home automation feature uses your smartphone’s location to send reminders and take useful actions on your behalf while you’re out. These can help you reduce energy waste automatically, keep your home more secure, and personalize your smart home experience to better serve every member of your family.

It works by using your smartphone’s location to determine where you are, relative to a location that you define on a map in your system settings. You can create a geo-fence around a location – your home, your office, the kid’s school – then determine the notifications and actions you want. When your smartphone enters and leaves that fence, your set notifications and actions are triggered. You can create as many geo-fences as you’d like.

While other location-based services may keep your GPS on all the time, quickly draining your battery, Alarm.com’s Geo-Services is designed to keep battery drain to a minimum by optimizing for efficiency. Depending on your smartphone, it can combine a range of tracking technology to use less power than GPS alone.

Here are 4 ideas for using Geo-Services:


1. Forgot to arm the security system (or close the garage door).

Create a geo-fence around your home – we recommend a 4 mile fence or larger. Set your arming reminder for when all smartphone users leave the geo-fence and the security system is still disarmed. You’ll receive a reminder and can arm your system right from the app.

This works great with programmable door locks and garage door controllers as well!

2. Adjust the thermostat when I leave.

Create a geo-fence around your home – or even your office or the airport – and when you enter or leave the fence, your smart thermostat will automatically adjust.

3. Turn on the foyer light when I get home.

Using your “home” geo-fence, set your foyer light to turn on when you enter the fence – that way you are never coming home to a dark house!

4. Turn off video monitoring when you are home.

Using your “home” geo-fence, set your security cameras to pause recording while you are home – meaning that no recording of you and your family will take place. You can even set your outdoor cameras to continue recording, but just pause the indoor cameras.

Click here for instructions on creating a geo-services reminder.