“Scenes” offers the ability to control multiple devices with the touch of one button.

This type of automation is ONLY available when multiple devices are controlled through ONE smartphone app, like a QEI Security & Technology system.

Protect Your Family
Program a ‘Sleep’ scene: door automatically locks, security system arms stay, garage door closes and thermostat adjusts down.

Have Fun!
Program a ‘Party’ scene: front door unlocks, garage door closes, porch lights turn on, interior lights dim.

“Scenes,” like those listed above are accessible through the homepage of your Alarm.com smartphone app. When you touch the scene, your app will remind you of the actions that will be taken and you click Confirm.

All “Scenes” are completely customizable and can be programmed by logging in to Alarm.com on a computer and completely customizing each scene. Click here for step-by-step instructions on creating a scene.

“Scenes” are available on all high end home automation system, but with QEI Security & Technology, you don’t have to pay a premium for this service. Scenes are included with every wireless security system. You will need to purchase the additional equipment – like garage door controller, smart door lock, etc. – in order to use those devices as part of a scene.