Fire protection is one of the most valuable parts of a security or home automation system.

What Is Monitored Fire Protection?

A monitored smoke/fire detector is connected to a professionally-monitored system and as soon as smoke is detected, the monitoring station can notify emergency personnel.

Per electrical code, your home has electrical smoke detectors in bedrooms and common spaces. These smoke detectors ONLY make noise. They are not connected to a professional monitoring station who can call the authorities on your behalf.

Why is Monitored Fire Protection So Valuable?

Monitored smoke detectors are always working – it doesn’t matter whether you arm your security system or not.

Homeowners insurance companies usually offer an additional discount if you have a monitored smoke detector – make sure you ask!

QEI Security does not charge extra for smoke/fire/carbon monoxide monitoring. It is included with our $39.99/mo. rate. Learn more about a QEI system.

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How Do I Know Which Smoke Detector is Going Off?

Your monitored smoke detector will make noise, but it will not say words.

If your monitored smoke detector is going off, it will show on the security panel.

If your monitored smoke detector is going off, you should receive a call from the monitoring station. Most, but not all, QEI Security accounts are set up to call the first person on the call list before the authorities. When the monitoring station operator calls, you will need to provide the passcode for your account.

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How Do I Know Which Smoke Detector Has a Low Battery?

The batteries in your monitored smoke detector should last at least two years.

If the battery in your monitored smoke detector is low, the panel will have a message letting you know. You can also call QEI Security & Technology and we can check for you.

There are far more electrical smoke detectors in your home than monitored smoke detectors. Most homes have one or two monitored smoke detectors in a central location. If the smoke detector that is beeping is in a bedroom, it is likely an electrical smoke detector.