Are you considering a video doorbell camera? You’re not alone. It is part of nearly every automation and security system installed by QEI Security & Technology. The cameras offer a safe, smart way to see who is at the door, no matter where you are.

TIP: The biggest difference between video doorbell cameras is whether other smart home devices (like locks) can be controlled through the same app. When a doorbell camera is connected to a smart home system, it can do so much more!

What is a Video Doorbell Camera?

A video doorbell camera is both a doorbell and a camera. It can be set to ring inside the house as well as to the user’s smartphone or tablet. It includes two-way voice so the owner of the doorbell camera can see and speak to the person on the porch and the person on the porch can speak through the doorbell’s microphone.

Why Get a QEI Video Doorbell Camera?

1. One app that controls everything!

This is the distinguishing factor between video doorbell cameras. When all your smart home devices are controlled through one app, they can work together seamlessly to simplify your life.

Let’s say your parents arrived at your house earlier than expected… and of course, you aren’t home. When they ring the doorbell and tell you, you can press a button on the same screen to unlock the door (and disarm the security system) so they can get inside the house.

If you have a smart garage door controller, you can even open the garage door so the delivery driver can put packages in your garage instead of leaving them on your porch. Your security system will notify you if the driver tries to open the interior door to your home. Once the packages are safely inside the garage, just close the door.

Contact us and we’ll design a system to meet your needs… WITH A FREE DOORBELL CAMERA!

2. Professional installation

Do your home improvement projects always go as planned, with no issues?

No, that never happens. That’s why you should leave installation and set-up to the pros.

Our professional technicians have logged hours of training and installed hundreds of video doorbell cameras and automation systems. In addition to properly installing your system, they can give you tips and tricks for getting the most out of the system. And we’re just a phone call away. A South Carolina-based representative will always answer your call.

3. More settings available so you can get the most out of your camera

When you’re shopping for a video doorbell camera, look closely at the user interface. Is it simple to use? Does it offer all of the notifications that you want?

With a QEI Security & Technology system, there are dozens of settings to maximize the system. You are able to manage all of your settings, so you can change them anytime. Do you want to be notified only when someone rings your doorbell or do you want to know every time motion is detected? You choose… and you can decide which users receive video alerts. Plus advanced video analytics go even further in identifying motion and movement near the video doorbell camera.