Selecting a home security company is personal. The company is going to be protecting your family and your home.

So, how do you choose the best home security company?

Here are 3 simple questions that will provide a lot of insight into the security companies you are considering:

1. Where are the company’s headquarters?

Headquarters in your state indicate that you’re working with a local company – and there are a lot of advantages to that. Often the turnover rate is lower, so you’ll get to know the employees, which offers peace of mind. Local companies are often involved in their communities and they have the ability to work with customers. If there are multiple offices or branches, that is an indicator that the company is a large player in industry.

If a company’s headquarters are in another state, that may mean it is a franchise or authorized dealer. Or it could mean that the company is regional or national with a branch in your area.

A franchise often has a local owner, but it isn’t actually a local company, so you may lose some of the local advantages. An authorized dealer sells the system to the customer, then they usually sell the account to a larger company. This means service and billing questions may be answered out of a call center or another region.

2. Who will come out if there is an issue with my system?

This question is two-fold.

First, you’ll find out if the company is an authorized dealer, who will only service your account for a short time. Once the account is sold, the buyer is who will ultimately provide service for the system.

Second, this question will give you an idea of turnover. It’s nice when a technician gets to know you and your system – it usually leads to better service. A company representative who believes in their technicians will gush… that’s what you want!

3. How many customers do you have?

This will give you a good indication of the type of service you will receive.

A very large company may have call centers and a high turnover rate. But, their volume allows them to offer very competitive prices.

A very small company may not be able to provide the pricing or expertise that you expect.

A medium-size company – one with a few offices and more than 1,000 customers can provide a good balance of competitive pricing with local service.

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