Back to school shopping isn’t just paper, pens and uniforms. Now is the perfect time to pick up smart home devices that can make the school year a little more seamless.

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The experts at QEI Security & Technology picked three home automation devices that will be especially helpful when the kids go back to school. They are even more powerful when combined with a home automation system controlled through one smartphone app.

3 Best Smart Home Devices to Install Before Kids Go Back To School

1. Door lock

A keyless smart door lock will ensure your kids are never locked out… and you’ll always know when they get home.

There is no key to lose and the deadbolt can be unlocked with a unique user code or via the smartphone app. Plus, if you are not home, you can use your smartphone app to unlock the door from anywhere.

Program your system to receive a notification every time the door is locked and unlocked, so you know your kids are safe inside.

2. Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras are perfect for showing who is on your porch, and who is going into your home. Set the doorbell camera to record on motion and you will always see who is coming into the house. Is it just your child or your child plus friends?

When the doorbell rings, it will ring to your phone, so you don’t need to worry about your child answering the door and you not knowing it happened. Plus, you can talk to the person at the door, so you can tell friends if your child is available to play. No one will ever know if you are inside the house or at work.

3. Garage Door Controller

Does your child use a keypad to open the garage door and go into the house? It is so easy to open the garage door and forget to close it… and it can be very unsafe!

With a programmable garage door controller, your smartphone app will always tell you if the garage door is open or closed. Plus you can receive a notification when the garage door has been left open for a certain period of time. So, then you can remind your child to close the door… or you can close it from your smartphone app!

Add Peace of Mind with Professional Security

A professionally-monitored security system also plays a key role when kids go back to school. It is valuable even if your child does not arm the system.

Receive a notification when doors are opened or left open. You’ll know when someone is coming into the home or leaving the home.

Plus, you can also set a no-show alert if the door has not been opened by a certain time. This could indicate an issue on your child’s way home.

The system will also notify you if the power goes out and whether other customers in the area have lost power. That is very helpful information to have!