We all want to feel safe in our homes, especially while we’re spending more time in them than ever before. The best way to get ultimate peace of mind? Smart home security cameras installed by local professionals you can trust.

Most would-be burglars will look for visible outdoor cameras and avoid homes that have them. For those who aren’t deterred, our new smart security update combines smart lights with video analytics to keep a close eye on your property. These analytics can help your video cameras detect movement and identify whether it is a vehicle, animal, or person.

Read on to see how you can use your smart security camera-triggered lighting and video analytics to keep your family safe and restore your peace of mind.

1. Control who (or what) you shine a light on.

If you don’t want to light up your whole neighborhood each time a racoon passes by, try setting a “humans-only” rule in your smart video analytics system. That way, your yard will only light up when cameras detect a human on the premises. You can also set the lights to come on when a vehicle enters, so whether someone arrives on foot or by car after dark, you’ll know it the second they get to your home.

2. Customize your light settings to fit your family’s needs.

Gain full control of your motion-sensor lighting by customizing the way different lights react throughout your home. Most other motion-triggered lights can’t be programmed to react differently based on location or who is causing the movement. But with Alarm.com-powered video analytics, you can program your lights to react exactly how you want them to.

For example, if the cameras detect an animal in the bushes, set all outdoor lights to come on at once to scare it off. Or program your motion-sensor indoor camera system to only be triggered by humans, ensuring that you’re made aware of any person walking around your home, but leaving your pets free to move about undetected. The possibilities are endless!

3. Get video alerts straight to your device.

In addition to triggering smart lights in your home security system, our video analytics can send security camera alerts to your phone or any other device to notify you of any unexpected visitors. You can set automation rules to see any humans in your driveway after dark, while filtering out the occasional stray wildlife visitor.

Want to learn more about installing home security cameras in your system today?

With 24/7 home security monitoring and a smart security camera system installed by experienced local professionals, you and your family can relax knowing you have control in the palm of your hand.

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