Never underestimate the power of peace of mind. Although locking your door is always a good safety measure, there’s really no substitute for professional home security monitoring.

At QEI Security & Technology, we are thankful we get to protect our neighbor’s homes 24/7, whether they’re out of town or simply want to relax knowing local experts are watching their backs.

Read on to learn the top four reasons you need home security monitoring by local professionals.

Reason #1: Automatically alert firemen and police in the event of a fire.

When disaster strikes, you want to make sure you and your family are covered. With professional home security monitoring from QEI Security & Technology, you always are.

In the event of a fire or break-in, your system will send an emergency signal to a monitoring station with local experts standing by 24/7. That means you can focus on getting your family to safety, instead of calling for help.

And with a smart home security system in addition to professional monitoring, you’ll get real-time smartphone updates and alerts about your home to all of your devices. That’s what we call QEI Safe.

Reason #2: Deter burglars with a home security camera system.

It’s no secret that obvious indicators of a home security system, like yard signs and stickers, are proven to deter burglars. But when you add home security cameras around your property, it sends the message that you mean business.

In fact, according to a recent study, 83% of burglars looked for an alarm system and cameras first, and more than half said they would give up if they found one. Can’t argue with that!

Reason #3: Negotiate reduced home insurance premiums.

Aside from the fact that professional security monitoring can potentially save your life and your belongings, it can also help you keep more savings in your wallet. Many insurance companies will give homeowners a 5% to 20% discount on their premiums if they have a professional security monitoring system in place.

This makes the cost of a home security system much more affordable in the long run, in addition to being a smart move for you and your family. Plus, video surveillance footage from home security cameras and digital doorbell cameras can be a huge help when it comes to filing insurance claims. Win-win!

Reason #4: Save energy and stress with a home automation and security system.

With a comprehensive home automation and security system, you’ll be surprised how much energy your home can conserve, bringing you even more savings. Smart home thermostat features can help regulate the temperature in your home even when you’re not there, and smart lighting can help you ensure the lights aren’t on when nobody’s home.

Of course, none of these benefits compare to the peace of mind you and your family will have knowing your home is protected and connected with QEI Security & Technology.

Building Your Custom Security Plan

There are several levels of home security to choose from, so you can pick what’s right for you and your family. Check out our Packages page for more information on the home security & automation services we offer.

Click here to connect with one of our local professionals today, or call 1-844- QEI-SAFE and we’ll help you design the best system for your home.