As many of us continue to work remotely and spend the majority of our time at home, a comprehensive home security system has never been more important. Home security technology continues to advance, and items like video doorbells and motion-activated security cameras are consistently gaining popularity.

With access to the latest technology from QEI Security & Technology in the palm of your hands, it makes sense to look at upgrading your locks, too. That’s where smart locks come in. Want to learn more about how this upgraded lock can seamlessly integrate with the rest of your home security system?

Read on for the latest updates on smart lock technology and why you need it now.

What Is a Smart Lock?

Smart locks provide keyless entry to your home, offering both added safety and convenience. With a simple four-digit combination programmed into your smart deadbolt, you can gain access to your home without the need for a physical key.

Another huge advantage of the QEI Security & Technology smart lock is it can be controlled through your smartphone app for remote access. With this effortless feature, you can unlock your door from anywhere to receive packages or let your kids in when they get out of school. A smart lock can also easily interface with your video surveillance monitoring, allowing for seamless use and integration.

According to a 2019 study by Parks Associates, an estimated 1 in 4 households have already installed smart locks in their homes. We offer a variety of deadbolt options in finishes and manufacturers to choose from, so you can find the one that fits your home!

Top 4 Reasons You Need a Smart Lock

Your family’s safety is our top priority. In addition to serving as a burglary deterrent, here are four more reasons you need a smart lock in your home now.

1. Smart User Codes

QEI lets you retire your spare keys and replace them with four-digit user codes for family and trusted visitors. It’s easy to create a code for each of your kids, your dog walker, or a contractor who needs access. Unlike a spare key, you can easily delete a user code or give it an expiration date. No more leaving spare keys hidden in your yard, or leaving the door unlocked while you’re gone.

2. Voice-Controlled Security

With QEI, you can lock up at night simply by talking to your Google Home or Amazon Echo device. Just choose a set phrase and allow technology to set your alarm and lock your doors at the sound of your voice.

And our updated QEI Skill for Alexa allows you to safely unlock your doors with a Secure Command and four-digit PIN for improved ease of use.

3. Customized Preset Automations

It’s easy to include a QEI-powered smart lock into a Scene, where a single command controls many devices. Activate the Away preset, for example, and your security system arms, your front door locks, and your garage closes, so you can save time locking up when you’re running late.

Staying home alone? Use the Home preset to set the alarm and lock the door while you go about your day.

4. Smartphone Alerts at Your Fingertips

QEI-powered smart locks can generate smartphone alerts when people unlock the door with their user code. If your kids come home before you do, you can get an alert every day when they arrive. We’ll even send you an unexpected activity alert if your door is unlocked at a strange time!

Have a teen driver? QEI can send you a notification when somebody leaves the house via the garage.

Interested in upping your front-door security with a smart lock? Talk to a QEI team member today about installation, pricing, and more. With locations in Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, and the Savannah/Bluffton area, we’ve got you covered.

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