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Home Climate Control in South Carolina

Save 10 to 30 percent annually on your electric bill with automated climate control – Servicing the Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Bluffton & Savannah areas.

Climate control saves money and protects the environment, which are the most popular reasons for installing smart home devices. Heating and cooling your home can be expensive in Charleston, SC, especially if your HVAC system is cranking at full blast even when you’re not home. To combat this problem, a programmable thermostat can effectively manage your home’s energy usage and temperature, no matter the time or place.

Plus, with a QEI Security & Technology home automation system in Charleston or anywhere else in South Carolina, a smart thermostat can be connected to give you the most power and flexibility with climate control. For example, the door sensors that are part of your security system can tell your thermostat that a door has been left open for more than two minutes, so the HVAC system knows to turn off until the door is closed.

A programmable thermostat can always be controlled manually by adjusting the temperature on the thermostat itself. The thermostat can also be controlled on its own through the QEI app, a feature that often comes in handy. If your dad decides to drop by for visit, and he likes it cooler in the house, simply adjust the thermostat from wherever you are.

If your home has multiple heating and cooling systems controlled by different thermostats, it’s best to replace each thermostat for maximum efficiency. Call QEI Security & Technology today to learn more about your home automation climate control options in Charleston, SC.

Basic Climate Control Ideas

  • Determine your provider’s peak usage hours and set your thermostat to turn off during these times to avoid excess charges.
  • Program your thermostat to turn off or adjust when a door or window is open.
  • Set an extreme temperature alert. For instance, if the outside temperature goes above 95, your thermostat adjusts two degrees higher.
  • Receive a notification if your door is left open more than two minutes. After all, no one likes air conditioning the patio!
  • If you travel frequently, set a geo-fence around the airport so that when your phone enters the fence, your thermostat will adjust. This will save energy while you’re away and will automatically reset when you are heading away from the airport.


Advanced Climate Control Ideas

  • Select a smart thermostat that automatically turns the HVAC system off when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected to prevent it from being circulated through the house.
  • Our climate control system allows your HVAC to self-monitor, lowering your energy usage and easing the demand of your HVAC unit – and ultimately, saving money.

Free Home Consultation

For some homeowners, peace of mind means every single first floor window is protected. Other homeowners feel that is overkill and simply want to add a few shock sensors that will react if someone bangs on an exterior wall, window or door. At your home consultation, your consultant will explain different ways to protect your home. You will then determine which option makes you the most comfortable and fits within your budget.

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