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Keyless Door Lock Components in South Carolina

Install a Keyless Door Lock on Your Home – Servicing the Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Bluffton & Savannah areas.

We offer a range of deadbolt options in nickel, bronze, and brass from manufacturers like Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset. A QEI Security & Technology smart door lock is controlled through the same app as your other z-wave smart home devices. Using just one app allows the devices to work together, so your lock provides more than just keyless access.

When you lock up in the morning, your smart deadbolt lock can trigger your security system to arm, your garage door to close and your lights to turn off. It can even tell your smart thermostat to adjust, saving energy while you’re out.

If you forget to lock the door and leave your neighborhood in Charleston, SC or elsewhere in the state, using our location-based automation, you can receive a notification on your phone asking if you’d like to lock the door remotely. When you give users unique four-digit codes, you can receive notifications that let you know when they unlock the door with their personal code. If your kids typically arrive home before you do, you can receive a push notification to your smartphone every day when they unlock the door.

If your dog walker has their own code, you can learn when he/she is coming and going (or not coming at all). If you give a code to a contractor, you can add an expiration date so that the code stops working after the job is complete. Call us today to learn more about installing a keyless door lock in Charleston, SC or a surrounding area.

Basic Door Lock Automation Ideas

  • Receive a notification when the door is unlocked so you know exactly when the kids get home from school – or when someone is out past their curfew.
  • Set your door to unlock when the security system is disarmed.
  • Use a goodnight button from your bedroom to turn out all the lights, lock the doors and arm the security system.
  • Program a home button that turns your porch lights on automatically when you remotely unlock your front door’s smart lock – a great feature on dark evenings when you’re loaded down with groceries.



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For some homeowners, peace of mind means every single first floor window is protected. Other homeowners feel that is overkill and simply want to add a few shock sensors that will react if someone bangs on an exterior wall, window or door. At your home consultation, your consultant will explain different ways to protect your home. You will then determine which option makes you the most comfortable and fits within your budget.

… our talented and friendly installer Brian showed up and installed everything with ease. He took the time to show me what he was doing and explained how everything works. He even brought a broom to clean up after himself! Overall, it was a great experience. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of our products and service! We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with this superb local company.

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