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Security Systems FAQs

What is the cost of a security system?

QEI Security & Technology offers free basic equipment and installation. Monthly monitoring costs start at $39.99 per month and include a service warranty for the term of your contract. Contact us to have a QEI Security & Technology technician come to you for a free consultation and to get special offers.

What does an alarm system consist of?

Our Basic Interactive Security System includes a touch screen control panel, three window/door sensors, a key fob and a pet-friendly motion detector. See these additional options that you can add.

What is the response time if my alarm goes off?

QEI Security & Technology uses Affiliated Monitoring, a TMA 5-diamond rated monitoring station. Their response time is 45 seconds.

Do I need a landline telephone for my security system?

No, QEI Security & Technology recommends a wireless security system, which operates on a dedicated cellular signal.

Can I get rid of my landline phone, but still keep my security system?

You do not need a landline phone to have a monitored security system, but you may need new equipment. Call QEI Security to find out your options. In many cases, we are able to give you new equipment for free OR to use some or all of your existing equipment.

Can I operate my alarm and stay inside my home or business?

Yes, your security system has a separate setting for “arm stay” and “arm away” operation.

Can I set my alarm with a pet left inside?

Yes, when designing your security system, your QEI Security & Technology consultant will determine the best solution that offers you protection, but decreases the chance of false alarms due to pets. Read why monitored security is a lifesaver for pets.

What happens if I accidentally trigger my alarm system?

Simply use your alarm code to silence the alarm, then call our office and speak to the monitoring department with your passcard number to cancel the response of the responding agency. 843-553-7576

Does the alarm work when power is out?

Yes, if your security system is tied to a landline, it has a “standby battery” that will operate during a power failure. If your system is wireless (which is what QEI Security & Technology recommends), your backup battery will keep the system connected to the monitoring station for 10-12 hours. Once the backup battery is dead, your system is no longer connected to the monitoring station. When power returns, your battery will begin to charge.

Why did my smoke detector falsely go off?

Below is a list of common causes of false fire alarms. Using our two-way voice system, a dispatcher from our monitoring center will call you before sending emergency responders to your home. Common causes of smoke detector false alarms:

  • Smoke from burned food on the stove
  • Smoke from a woodstove or fireplace
  • Steam from taking a shower or cooking
  • Self-cleaning oven
  • Exhaust from a car (door from garage to house open)
  • Smoke or dust from construction work in the home
  • Detectors that are not maintained (contain dirt, insects or pollen)
  • Electrical malfunction or component failure with the system
  • Electrical power surges from power company
How do I log in to remotely arm/disarm my system?

If you haven’t yet set a password, you’ll need access to a computer. Open the “Welcome Letter” from Alarm.com that is in your email. Follow the instructions to set your password. Once your password is set, you can download the Alarm.com app for your phone and/or tablet and log in using the same username and password. You are able to arm/disarm your system from the app and you can control your system settings through the desktop website. Contact us if you need us to resend your “Welcome Letter.”

My alarm went off accidentally, but I quickly entered the code and shut it off. I expected a call from QEI Security & Technology, but no one called. Why not?

The system allows a brief period for you to turn off your system before an alarm signal is sent to the monitoring center. This gives you enough time to cancel the signal and prevent a false alarm.

Home Automation FAQs

What is the cost of a home automation system?

The least expensive home automation system is part of a wireless home security system. Typically, QEI Security & Technology offers free basic equipment, installation and a few devices. Monthly monitoring costs are $49.99 per month and include a service warranty for the term of your contract. A more robust home automation system usually costs more than $1,000 and a monthly subscription fee is only required if the system will be controlled outside of the home. Contact us for a free consultation and to get special offers.

Does the home automation system use wireless internet?

Most smart home devices use z-wave technology – a low-frequency radio signal that gains strength as more devices are connected. If you have a z-wave garage door control or security cameras, wireless internet is required because of these devices’ additional capabilities. These devices will also have to be re-learned into the system if you change your router or its password.

Can my garage door opener connect to the app?

You will need a z-wave enabled module that is compatible with the app. This module is connected to the existing garage door opener and is usually compatible with all models sold after 1998. You will need to have both a garage door opener and the z-wave module for the device to properly function with the app. You will still be able to control your garage door using the remote or button that you previously used.

If I have two garage doors, do I need two garage door controllers?

Yes, you will need to purchase a garage door controller for each garage door and opener.

Will my garage door stop if it detects something in the way?

Yes. It will also not automatically close. For safety, the home automation system will prompt you to push a button to close or open the garage door.

Will an electrician install the lighting control options?

Yes, a licensed electrician from Quality Electric will install all programmable light switches. Wiring is not part of installation of the z-wave light bulb and lamp module, so a QEI technician can handle these installations.

Does the home automation system work when the power is out?

If your system is part of a wireless security system, then yes, your backup battery will keep the system connected for 10-12 hours. Once the battery backup is dead, your system is no longer connected to the monitoring station. Once the power returns, your battery will begin to charge. We do not recommend relying on the app if the power is out. It is best to control your system through the touchscreen control panel.

General FAQs

My first bill is way more than I thought it was going to be. Why?

Your first bill is the prorated amount for your first month of monitoring, plus the entire second month. For example, if your monitoring rate is $39.99 and your system was installed on January 15, you would receive your first bill at the end of January and it would be $59.98 ($19.99 for January and $39.99 for February).

Does QEI do background checks on all employees?

Yes, we require a clean background check and a clean three-year driving record.

Is QEI Security & Technology licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes, QEI Security & Technology is bonded, insured and licensed in South Carolina (BAC 13610) and North Carolina ((BPN) – 8764P10).

Are you an authorized dealer or do you use subcontractors?

No, we are not a dealer. When you sign a contract with QEI Security & Technology, it will not be sold to another company. We also do not use subcontractors. All QEI Security & Technology staff members are full-time employees.

How do I get a discount on my homeowner’s insurance when I purchase a security system?

At installation, your technician will give you an installation certificate that you can send to your insurance company. Each insurance company offers a different discount – so you may want to call around for the best rate!

I forgot my password and when I hit “password reset” it says I need my old password! What do I do?

Contact us and we will resend the “Welcome Letter.” You’ll be able to reset your password from there without knowing your old password.

Why does my system show low battery trouble?

Your security system has a backup battery in case of power loss (the battery will usually last between 10-12 hours). This alert is telling you the backup battery is low and needs to be replaced. You can replace the battery yourself, or you can call QEI Security. If you have a service warranty, you will pay for the battery, but the service call is free. DSC and Honeywell panels use a 12V battery.

What type of battery is needed for each device?

Below are the types of batteries needed for each device. You are welcome to change the battery yourself. If you have a service warranty, you will pay for the battery, but a QEI technician will change the battery for free. 2GIG smoke detector: AAA DSC smoke detector: CR123A – 3V Key fob: CR2025 – 3V 2GIG door/window contact: CR2032 – 3V DSC door/window contact: CR2 – 3V Recessed door/window contact: CR1620 – 3V Door lock: AA Liftmaster Garage Door Sensor: CR2450 – 3V

I got a call from Affiliated Monitoring. Who is Affiliated Monitoring?

Affiliated Monitoring is the five diamond rated monitoring center used by QEI Security and Technology. Affiliated Monitoring can be reached at 800-434-4000.

Why did the monitoring center call me to report “system inactivity”?

If your system is dormant – not being armed or disarmed regularly, for instance – our monitoring center sends the system an inactivity signal to ensure the system is still properly working. You are still being protected. This often occurs if you are away on vacation.

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