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Simplify daily tasks and reduce your bills by installing a home automation system in South Carolina

But what exactly is home automation? Home automation, or a smart home, allows multiple devices within the home to be controlled remotely and to interact with each other. The most common home automation devices include lighting, door locks, climate, entertainment and garage door controllers.

Why choose a QEI Security & Technology home automation system?

  • One app controls all smart home devices
  • Using “Scenes” technology, multiple devices can be controlled with the press of one button
  • Geographic-location technology lets you know when you’ve left the garage door open or the security system disarmed
  • Assistance to completely customize the system and ensure you know how to make changes at any point
  • Service warranty included


QEI Security & Technology offers all levels of home automation – from the control of one light switch to a complex integrated control system. At your free home consultation, we’ll discuss your budget, lifestyle and the capabilities you expect from the system. Then, your QEI consultant will design a system specifically for your needs. Your QEI consultant will also have our best available pricing and deals, so contact us now!

A basic QEI home automation system operates using z-wave platform, a wireless communications system that uses low-energy radio waves to communicate from appliance to appliance. Wireless internet is not required for most devices (with the exception of security cameras and garage door controllers).

Want a setting changed after installation?

No problem. With most QEI systems, you can access all settings from your enabled smart device or computer for hassle-free adjustments and changes anytime. You can also call your QEI Security & Technology technician to ask questions or request new programming.

All QEI Security & Technology home automation systems include a service warranty, so you will only pay for parts (after the one-year warranty expires). Because we value our customers, a service call is always free.

Free Home Consultation

For some homeowners, peace of mind means every single first floor window is protected. Other homeowners feel that is overkill and simply want to add a few shock sensors that will react if someone bangs on an exterior wall, window or door. At your home consultation, your consultant will explain different ways to protect your home. You will then determine which option makes you the most comfortable and fits within your budget.

Brian showed up at the appointed time and did an excellent job going over everything with me. He made sure everything was working before he left and was very professional at every step.

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