Lighting Control

Control the lighting in your home with the press of a button to enjoy the ultimate convenience for the lowest price. Activate lights when you’re not home to deter burglars, or use Alexa to turn lights off in a different part of your house to save electricity. 

QEI Security & Technology offers three lighting control options for you to choose from:

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Programmable Light Switch

A licensed electrician will replace your light switch with a programmable, dimmable switch. All switches on the circuit will need to be replaced so they can be used manually or through the app. This is a great option for circuits that have multiple bulbs, like kitchen can lights.

Z-Wave Light Bulb

One of our trained technicians will replace your existing light bulb with a Z-Wave light bulb and show you how to access it through the free QEI smartphone app. An electrician is not needed for this installation, making it the least expensive lighting control option. Try this with outdoor carriage lights or foyer lights!

Lamp Module

The lamp module is plugged into an electrical outlet and a lamp is then connected to the module, giving you remote access to your lighting. This is a great option for lamps that sit near windows to make it look like someone is home!

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