Security System FAQs

If you can’t find the answer to your question in the list of frequently asked security questions below, please see our Customer FAQs for more information or call us at 1.844.734.7233.

What is the cost of a security system?
QEI Security & Technology offers free basic equipment and installation. Monthly monitoring costs start at $39.99 per month and include a service warranty for the term of your contract. Contact us to have a QEI Security & Technology technician come to you for a free consultation and to get special offers.
What does an alarm system consist of?
Our Basic Interactive Security System includes a touch screen control panel, three window/door sensors, a key fob and a pet-friendly motion detector. See these additional options that you can add.
What is the response time if my alarm goes off?

QEI Security & Technology uses Affiliated Monitoring, a TMA 5-diamond rated monitoring station. Their response time is 45 seconds.

Do I need a landline telephone for my security system?
No, QEI Security & Technology recommends a wireless security system, which operates on a dedicated cellular signal.
How do I get a discount on my homeowner’s insurance when I purchase a security system?
At installation, your technician will give you an installation certificate that you can send to your insurance company. Each insurance company offers a different discount – so you may want to call around for the best rate!
Does QEI do background checks on all employees?
Yes, we require a clean background check and a clean three-year driving record.
Is QEI Security & Technology licensed, bonded and insured?
Yes, QEI Security & Technology is bonded, insured and licensed in South Carolina (BAC 13610) and North Carolina ((BPN) – 8764P10).
Are you an authorized dealer or do you use subcontractors?

No, we are not a dealer. When you sign a contract with QEI Security & Technology, it will not be sold to another company. We also do not use subcontractors. All QEI Security & Technology staff members are full-time employees.

Can I operate my alarm and stay inside my home or business?
Yes, your security system has a separate setting for “arm stay” and “arm away” operation.
Can I set my alarm with a pet left inside?

Yes, when designing your security system, your QEI Security & Technology consultant will determine the best solution that offers you protection, but decreases the chance of false alarms due to pets. Read why monitored security is a lifesaver for pets.

Does the alarm work when power is out?
Yes, if your security system is tied to a landline, it has a “standby battery” that will operate during a power failure. If your system is wireless (which is what QEI Security & Technology recommends), your backup battery will keep the system connected to the monitoring station for 10-12 hours. Once the backup battery is dead, your system is no longer connected to the monitoring station. When power returns, your battery will begin to charge.

Free Home Consultation

For some homeowners, peace of mind means every single first floor window is protected. Other homeowners feel that is overkill and simply want to add a few shock sensors that will react if someone bangs on an exterior wall, window or door. At your home consultation, your consultant will explain different ways to protect your home. You will then determine which option makes you the most comfortable and fits within your budget.

Extremely professional and helpful! They walked me through everything step by step and even helped personalize my account. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a security system.

Zak G.