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Home Video Surveillance in South Carolina

Home video surveillance security cameras offer peace of mind and crime prevention.

Peace of Mind

Security cameras make it possible to check in on your home or business at any time. You can even receive snapshots or video clips throughout the day when motion or system activity are detected. In addition, you can receive alerts by text or email, and customize them by time, day, camera and motion.

Crime Prevention

Burglars are dramatically less likely to target a location with visible cameras. This can help deter vandalism and car theft. Plus, more and more police departments are using security cameras as a way to identify criminals. Install a home video surveillance system in your home in Charleston, SC or surrounding areas including Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Bluffton and Savannah today.

Home Video Surveillance Options

Wireless security cameras have made home video surveillance more easily accessible. It’s important to remember, however, that a power supply is still required, as well as a strong internet connection. You may also need to upgrade to a higher internet bandwidth to support your wireless security cameras.

All QEI Security & Technology video surveillance solutions are accessible via the free smartphone app that also controls your security system and home automation devices. This app is included in your monthly monitoring rate. The cameras shown below are our most popular models, however, we have many other options to meet your specific needs. Contact us for more information and our best available pricing in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas.

Indoor Camera

QEI Security & Technology’s indoor cameras feature 1080p resolution, 113-degree field of view and night vision. Plus this camera has an increase WiFi range over earlier versions. An indoor camera is significantly less expensive than an outdoor camera, but it can still be positioned to show anyone entering or exiting the premises. A pan and tilt version is also available. Call us for more information on installing an indoor home video surveillance camera in Charleston, SC or the surrounding area.

Outdoor Camera

QEI Security & Technology’s outdoor cameras feature 1080p resolution, 88-degree field of view and night vision. The weather-proof case has an IP-66 rating with UV protection. Outdoor security cameras are a great deterrent for criminals and go a long way toward providing peace of mind.

Doorbell Camera

QEI Security & Technology’s slimline doorbell camera features an integrated camera, PIR motion sensor, night vision, as well as a choice between 720p and 1080p. Using the built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio, you can talk with the person at the door through your smartphone app. You can record doorbell-triggered clips, set motion-triggered automation rules and receive real-time alerts.

Stream Video Recorder

A stream video recorder (SVR) is an alternative to cloud-based storage and is recommended if you have more than four video cameras on a system or if the cameras are set to continuously record.

Free Home Consultation

For some homeowners, peace of mind means every single first floor window is protected. Other homeowners feel that is overkill and simply want to add a few shock sensors that will react if someone bangs on an exterior wall, window or door. At your home consultation, your consultant will explain different ways to protect your home. You will then determine which option makes you the most comfortable and fits within your budget.

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